Cloud of Unknowing
Gorillaz - Cloud of Unknowing Visual Video

Gorillaz - Cloud of Unknowing Visual Video

Álbum Plastic Beach
Lanzado el 8 de marzo de 2010
Formato CD y iTunes
Grabado 2009
Género Desconocido
Duración 3:06
Discografia Parlophone
Escrito Gorillaz
Productor Gorillaz
Colaborador Bobby Womack

Clound of Unknowing es la décima quinta canción del álbum Plastic Beach, tiene la colaboración de Bobby Womack y la sinfonía ViVA.


On the cloud of unknowing

My world seems open

Every satellite up here is watching

But I was here from the very start

Trying to find a way to your heart

All the days are forgetting

They've gone out with the tide

Lost at sea somewhere, waiting

Like setting suns at the rodeo

Trying to find someone you'll never know

Oh, sinking love

On the cloud of unknowing

Every satellite up here is wanting

Waiting to see what the morning brings

May bring sunshine on its wings

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