To Binge
Gorillaz - To Binge Official Video

Gorillaz - To Binge Official Video

Álbum Plastic Beach
Lanzado el 8 de marzo de 2010
Formato CD y iTunes
Grabado 2009
Género Pop
Duración 3:55
Discografia Parlophone
Escrito Gorillaz e Yukimi Nagano
Productor Gorillaz
Colaborador Little Dragon

To Binge es una canción escrita e interpretada por Gorillaz y Little Dragon para el álbum Plastic Beach, ocupa el lugar Nº 12 de lista de reproducción.

La canción consiste en 2-D y Yukimi Nagano (Little Dragon) cantando sobre una pareja en separación a causa del alcoholismo. En el vídeo oficial, se puede ver un líquido de color naranja (El cual es de una bebida alcohólica asiática) que va descendiendo desde el agujero de un lavamanos, interpretando así a la persona que sufre la adicción, intentando dejar de beber por la mujer que ama. 


Waiting by the mailbox, by the train

Passin' by the hills 'til I hear the name

I'm looking for a saw to cut these chains in half and all I want is

Someone to rely on as

Thunder comes a rolling down

Someone to rely on as

Lightning comes a staring in again

I'll wait to be forgiven

Maybe I never will

My star has left me

To take the bitter pill

That shattered feeling

Well the cause of it's a lesson learned

Just don't know if I could roll into the sea again

"Just don't know if I could do it all again" she said, it's true

Waiting in my room and i lock the door

I watch the coloured animals across the floor

And im looking from a distance

And im listening to the whispers

And oh it aint the same, when your falling out of feeling and your

Falling in and caught again

Im caught again in the mystery

Your by my side, but are you still with me?

The answers somewhere deep in it, im sorry but your feeling it

But i just have to tell that i love you so much these days

Have to tell you that i love you so much these days, its true

My heart is in economy

Due to this autonomy

Rolling in and caught again

Caught again

My heart is in economy

Due to this autonomy

Rolling in and caught again

Caught again

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