Kids with Guns (Jamie T's Turn To Monsters Mix) — третий трек второго диска альбома-сборника Gorillaz "D-Sides".


[Hook 1]
These days it's different
(Turning us into monsters)
Kids don't fight with knives anymore
(Turning us into fire)
They fight with guns!
Kids have got guns!
(Turning us into monsters)
It's all desire
It's all desire...

[Verse 1: Jamie T]
Well it's fine
You know, the son was young
And then he started 'grow up faster
Parents wondered what went wrong
And then he turned into a little monster!

[Chorus 1]
Run! Run! Run!
Calm down
Don't kill me now!

[Verse 2: Jamie T]
Well, I didn't expect much more
Because son was a little scalawag-wag-wagger
Can't see much more
If a lesson I guess
I'd hold it straight away
Back to the point
Give him three Coca-Colas
He'll run away
Write up the walls and down
The little dirty scalawag of a monster!

So mama, please let us out on the town
We want to drink, we want to fight
We want it all night
We're going to smash up your neighbor's car
If you don't let us out that door!
It's fine and dandy
I'll just climb out me window, leave y'all!
See you later, never liked you anyway!
I swear I'm adopted!
Stop it!

[Chorus 2]
Son was young
Then he turned into a monster!
Calm down
Don't kill me now!

[Verse 3: Jamie T]
I'm the oldest man in the family
I might be just a teenager
But my mind's much sharper than anybody's!
And dad's just a drink drink drunker
And I'm back to the point of the matter!
I'm still here!
And I'm still walking out!
I'll see you later (Calm down, don't kill me now!)
I'm going to get a job
Because I'm leaving school
Because I can't get at Clara Clough!

Heavy heart
Leaving me so low
See you later!
Mama, I'm going to be a breadwinner!
Take your time
What's your clue, what up?
Don't worry mama
'Cause I'm a m-m-monster!

[Hook 2]
These days it's different
(Turning us into monsters)
Kids don't fight with knives anymore
(Turning us into fire)
They fight with guns!
(Turning us into monsters)
Kids have got guns!
(It's all desire)
It's all desire
And they're turning us into monsters
Turning us into fire
Turning us into monsters
It's all desire
It's all desire...

[Verse 4: 2D]
Drinking out
Taking some of
Where you are
Doesn't make sense to
But it won't be long (Why won't it be long?]
'Cause kids with guns
Kids with guns
Easy does it, easy does it
They've got something to say mental

[Chorus 3]
And they're turning u-
[Disturbed, Haunting Screams]
Calm down
Don't kill me now!

[Verse 5: Jamie T]
Well, I never liked you mama
And I never liked your type of music!
In fact I sold all your CD's
Out the back of your car just to prove it!
And I spent the money
Haha! Seriously!
On all that whiskey
When that time I puked up on the doorstep
And you told me I was a monster!

And now I'm back to tell you
That I will never end the truth!
I'll be back around the way soon
Before you ever end me and I'm through!

So, a killer?
That's just me
I'm the killer of a happy family!
And that's fine with you is it?
Fine with me!
Fine! Fuck off and die!!

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