19 2000

The music video of 19-2000.


The video opens with the Gorillaz all boarding the Geep, as the word "Gorillaz" is painted onto the background. Murdoc turns the key to start it, and the song begins playing on the radio. He starts off driving, as the song cuts and no longer comes from the radio. Murdoc drives onto and begins to follow a raised road. They do various stunts such as a loop-the-loop and a big jump as 2D sings along and snaps his fingers. Noodle, voiced by Tina Weymouth from the Talking Heads, sings back-up as Russel stares ahead blankly, obviously unenthused by this. Murdoc intentionally misses the exit marked 'Salvation' and pushes onwards past STOP markings on the road, causing a spacecraft to emerge from behind the church in the distance and chase them down, blowing up a gas station along the way. As the Geep avoids debris (namely flaming tires) from the explosion, they come face-to-face with a giant moose. Murdoc activates a secret mode of the Geep and fires two missiles at the moose, but it sneezes before the missiles hit it. The force is strong enough to make the missiles come hurtling back to earth on top of the Geep. The last shot is one of the Gorillaz looking worse for wear.


Available on CD2 of the Rock the House single, and also on certain two and three CD editions of the Gorillaz debut album. Also available on the Celebrity Take Down DVD.

Available on the DVD edition of, The Singles Collection 2001-2011.


Directed by: Jamie Hewlett and Pete Candeland

PRODUCER: Sophie Byrne

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Andrew Ruhemann/Tom Astor

ANIMATORS: Pete Candeland, Dave Antrobus, Chris Hauge

ASSISTANT AND FX ANIMATORS: Dave Burns, Molly Sanderson, Michael Douglas, Rufus Dayglo, Nicola Perkiss

TRACERS: Sam Spacey, Angeline da Silva

CG ANIMATORS: Chris Hemming, Stuart Hall


EDITOR: Stuart Hutcheson

Additional Information

  • There was a version of this video re-cut to the Soulchild Remix of 19/2000. There was no new animation, but sequences in the original were re-cut to sync with the new backing track.
  • There is an alternative ending where after the car explodes, Murdoc punches 2-D and then goes away.