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2-D's 19-2000 Interview is a short interview session from the intro of The Making of the 19-2000 Video: "Realising the Dream" from the CD-ROM content of the 19-2000 single. The interview happens on the set of the music video with 2-D and the other Gorillaz band members.


(The video starts with a clapperboard with the location being Highway 23, with the director being John Pooh. The clapper is closed and 2-D is seen twirling a pencil around with the rest of the band by the Geep)

2-D: You know, our, our new video was directed by legendary chinese action movie maker John Pooh, man. When you're making one of these videos, you sit down and you go "Okay, what do I think it's called? Bugit!", yeah, you know it's all action--.

(2-D's voice muffles up as Dr. Wurzel steals and drives by the band in Murdoc's Winnebago, throwing a soda can at Murdoc's head and on the Geep resulting in his hat getting knocked off. Murdoc starts to get angry, unaware that the Winnebago was stolen.)

2-D: ... This is straight out the Hong Kong book of John Pooh. Pooh knows his shit!

John Pooh: Okay! Cut!

Russel: Murdoc, kill a sec, that was your winnebago!

Murdoc: Eh?!

(Murdoc looks to his side with a shocked expression on his face, and the camera zooms into 2-D's face as he's trying to hold in a laugh, and the video ends with a iris out.)



Phase 1 2D Interview