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After the live performance of "Demon Days", the Gorillaz had another show to put on. The two puppets of both Murdoc and 2-D answered fan questions, and had a bit of fun too.


Murdoc: Oh, yeah! New York, New York, New York! So good I said it thrice. The city that never sleeps, and that makes two of us. Actually, it’s a miracle I made it here today.

2-D: Really?

Murdoc: Oh yeah, do you know how hard it is to get a visa to get into America when you’re a pal puppet?

2-D: Well I can imagine.

Murdoc: Try explaining that to the girl behind the counter, I mean, I handed my photo, and she just looked at me and said, “What’s this?” and I said, “Well, obviously it’s me.” And she said, “What are you?” which had me for a moment.

2-D: Well, just a moment.

Murdoc: I said, “Well, I’m a puppet, obviously a puppet version of a cartoon from a virtual band called Gorillaz.”

2-D: Oh, well, you could see that could arouse suspicion in a visa office.

Murdoc: So, you know, she says, “Are you gonna be working in the states?” Oh well, actually, love, most of the work’s been done upfront. I mean, this isn’t even my real voice, it was recorded by an actor weeks ago.

2-D: That was probably a bit hard for her to grasp, but do carry on.

Murdoc: Well, then she discovered that I had no birth certificate, no fingerprints…

2-D: No fixed abode.

Murdoc: And it all looked like that I wasn’t gonna be allowed in!

2-D: So, what happened next?

Murdoc: WEELLL, I whipped out a copy of our best selling album, signed a couple of t-shirts and, uh…

[Murdoc whistling]

2-D: What?

Murdoc: Well, I may just be a puppet, but I’m a multimillionaire rock star puppet, and that kind of crap goes a long way. She fast-tracked my application, stamped my ticket, and also she sorta…

[Murdoc moaning and groaning loudly]

Murdoc: Come on, come on, come on! Eh, heh, heh!

[Murdoc makes more lewd noises]

Murdoc: That's nice, that's nice!

[Murdoc continues moaning and groaning]

Murdoc: It's coming up, it's coming up, it's coming up!

[Murdoc moans softly]

2-D: I don’t understand.

Murdoc: Well, as I said, being a celebrity does have its perks, you know. Oh, hang on, I think the band might be coming on. Here we go, it’s amateur night.

2-D: What’s a-ma-teur night?

Murdoc: Non-professional.



Gorillaz - 2D & Murdoc In New York (HD)