2D: Wake up, Murdoc!

Murdoc: Ugh... Christ!

2D: Are you okay?

Murdoc: Ah,, where am I?

2D: It's the Manchester Opera House!

Murdoc: Uh..How did I get here?

2D: With a lot of practice.

Murdoc: What?

2D: Never mind. Look, I've been thinking. Er, just so you know, I'm in a band, right? We're doing well..and I need some sort of a catch-phrase :)

Murdoc: 2D, what the hell are you on about?

2D: Suit you, sir! (Catch-phrase from "The Fast Show") Ooh, ooh, I want that one. (Catch-phrase from "Little Britain")

Murdoc: Oh, you are awful. (Catch-phrase from "The Dick Emery Show")

2D: Yeah that kind of thing!

Murdoc: Listen, people in bands, you know? They don't have catch-phrases, you know? That's comedians.

2D: Right, and you can't be both? (Catch-phrase from "The Catherine Tate Show")

Murdoc: No, not really. I don't think so.

2D: Which one am I?

Murdoc: At this moment in time, I'm not actually sure...But, mate, listen you're the lead-singer of Gorillaz, you know? You shouldn't be thinking about stuff like catch-phrases, you know? You should be out chasing girls, you know?

2D: You dirty old man. (Catch-phrase from "Steptoe and Son")

Murdoc: Ugh... I think I'd rather be having some kind of medical operation, than sit here talking to you. Oh, dear god, you really are such an arse.

2D: What? Does my bum look big in this? (Catch-phrase from "The Fast Show")

Murdoc: You can definitely cut that one out for a start!

2D: Am, am I bothered? (Catherine Tate, again)

Murdoc: What?

2D: Am I bothered, though? Does my face look bothered?

Murdoc: Well, actually, not "bothered", but maybe a bit distressed?

2D: Hey, don't have a cow, man! (Catch-phrase from "The Simpsons")

Murdoc: Oh... I've had enough of this. The band's are coming on now, so you know? So shut your cake-hole!

2D: I don't bellliiieeeve it! (Catch-phrase from "One Foot In The Grave")

Murdoc: Hey, hey, hey, hey! Here's a good one! Remember this one? Eh, What's up, doc? (Bugs Bunny's Catch-phrase)

(*Murdoc hits 2D with a frying pan*)

2D: (Yells in pain) I'm dyin'! (Catch-phrase from "The One Night Show")