The ident features 2-D as he introduces the band's new video "DARE".


2-D is seen riding a bumper car. The two girls riding the bumper car stop him in front of the screen to promote the new song. The girls then take off, but 2-D falls, and gets run over buy another bumper car driven by two boys.


[2-D pulls up in a bumper car, accompanied by two girls]

2-D: Alright girls, get your tokens out. Heh. I'm 2-D, singer with Gorillaz. Coming up is our brand-new Gorillaz video. You're gonna love it.

[As the bumper car drives off, 2-D falls out and is promptly run over by another bumper car]



Gorillaz Ident 2D-1

Gorillaz Ident 2D-1


The bumper car shown in the video can be seen in Noodle's garage in the Gorillaz iOS/Android app.