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Gorillaz - 911 (feat. D12) (HD Music Video)

The short video


The 911 Music Video is a 47 second Gorillaz promotional music video made in 2002 featuring D12. The song, 911 (which also features Terry Hall), is a tribute to the twin tower crash that happened on September 11, 2001.


Created by Mat Wakeham.


Gorillaz are seen playing while fire burns all around them. D-12 run into the scene from a distance.




  • This clip is short, around a minute long. All of the Gorillaz' appearances are cut in from previous videos ("Clint Eastwood", "19-2000", "Tomorrow Comes Today"). This clip appeared on the Gorillaz website around the time 911 was released for download. The backing soundtrack is part of the 911 song.
  • Despite claims from multiple people stating otherwise, there has never been a full video made for the song, only the short promotional one, in contrary to other Gorillaz singles. The promotional video used to be on Gorillaz' official YouTube channel, however it was removed many years ago. There have been, however, multiple fan-made videos and reconstructions of those made throughout the years, with the most famous one of them being one with Spanish subtitles posted by user GorillazMexico, but at very low resolution. It can be seen here.