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A Solar Collaboration is an extended play released by Gorillaz in collaboration with energy company E.On in March 2018 as the second half of their collaboration. It is also the first and only EP to be fully recorded at Kong Solar Studios.

Recording and Information[]

On July 25th 2008, the original Kong Studios was burnt to the ground by Murdoc Niccals. In 2017, we brought it back to make music powered by the sun. This unique studio became the new home of new talent chosen by Gorillaz. A studio that formed new collaborations from renewable energy. A sun harvester by day and a music maker by night. The sun rose, the E.ON batteries powered up. The sun set, the beats dropped.

Eight local up-and-coming musicians were chosen by Gorillaz to record at Kong Solar Studios during the night using solar power stored during the day:

  • Lao Ra, Lully and Throwing Shade - During the Demon Dayz Festival in Margate, UK.
  • RIP Swirl and MazeOne - During the Humanz Tour while in Munich, Germany.
  • Kram Berev, Kapitány Máté and Ress - During the Humanz tour while in Budapest, Hungary.

The EP was initially released on E.On's SoundCloud account on March 2018, but were taken down later on the same year. Only 150 copies of the EP were pressed in the UK, Germany & Hungary, on a translucent orange vinyl. A "Special Edition" with a glow-in-the-dark sleeve was also planned, but never got made.

Track Listing[]

No. Title Length
1. 'Frequency (No Dormir)' (Lao Ra x Lully x Throwing Shade) 3:10
2. 'Meadows' (RIP Swirl x MazeOne) 3:12
3. 'Szél' (Kram Berev x Kapitány Máté x Ress) 3:49
Total length: