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Amarillo is the tenth track and first single (alongside Revolving Doors) from Gorillaz' fourth studio album, The Fall. The song was recorded in Amarillo, TexasW on October 23, 2010. It features additional guitar from The ClashW band member Mick Jones.

The song is the AA-side of the "Revolving Doors/Amarillo" single.


The mountains are waiting
The full moon has come

I got lost on highways
But don't ask me where I've been
Or what I've done

Oh Lord send me transition
Forgive me for what I've become

The Sun is gonna save me
Put a little love into my lonely soul

The Sun is gonna save me
Put a little love into my lonely soul

Oh, don't you know I need her loving you
It's no desire (Yeah)



Gorillaz - Amarillo - The Fall


  • "Amarillo" is Spanish for the colour yellow, which relates to happiness.