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Aries Driving Game is an in-browser minigame based on the Aries Music Video. The game was released on 4 September, 2020, along with a Lyric Video for Aries, and could be accessed on the Gorillaz website.

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In this racing game, the player takes on the role of Noodle driving her Buggy, trying to complete the race in Morocco before 2D, Murdoc and Russel.

On keyboard, the only useful keys are W, A, D, and the arrows (Up, Left and Right) to control the direction of the Buggy. The player will have to avoid collisions with other vehicles or the road's edges in order not to slow down and lose the race.


  • Label: Warner Records
  • Campaign Digital Strategist: Jesse Ervin
  • Art Director: Kristina Boudreau
  • Digital Producer: Matthew Graber
  • Development: WEA



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