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Two Black Clouds members from the Rhinestone Eyes storyboard.

The Black Clouds are an underground network of pirates working with The Boogieman and Bruce Willis to hunt down Murdoc. They were also partly responsible for the El Mañana Video, being the helicopters who shot down the Flying Windmill Island. They were briefly mentioned at the end of Rise of the Ogre but are unnamed. Although they are never officially shown in a video, they are in the Rhinestone Eyes Storyboard and the On Melancholy Hill video.After Murdoc sold them some broken and useless guns and other weapons, they have been hunting him down to make him pay for ripping them off. Murdoc (who thought he got away with it) inhabited Plastic Beach to hide from them. Rhinestone Eyes would have shown the Pirates reaching Plastic Beach, fighting Cyborg NoodleRussel HobbsNoodle and the collaborators of Plastic Beach. They can be heard attacking the island in Murdoc's radio show (Pirate Radio: 5).

They seem to represent actual members of the Escape to Plastic Beach World live band, like Damon Albarn, Cass Browne, Mike Smith, Jesse Hackett, Paul Simonon and Jeff Wootton for example.