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As early as of May 2001 Damon was talking about how he was going to work with Redman for a track on the Gorillaz second album. Whether this will come to anything remains to be seen, however just over a year later the "Let's Get Dirty" remix appeared, along with the track that features on the Blade II soundtrack "Gorillaz on my Mind". The soundtrack remains the only place to obtain this track commercially. Despite being retitled however, it is a version of "19-2000" that removes 2-D's vocals and adds a Redman rap (referencing Gorillaz and 'bananas in tailpipe[s]' once or twice. The change of vocal duties aside, it is actually remarkably close to the original, it just sounds a little harder, and features some guest scratching from Kid Koala.

Gorillaz ft Redman - Gorillaz on My Mind

Gorillaz ft Redman - Gorillaz on My Mind

Release dates and chart positions

UK: 19/03/02 – highest chart position:unknown

US: 19/03/02 – highest chart position:26