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Murdoc and the Geep in the Carpark.

The Carpark was a room on the ground floor of Kong Studios. It housed the Geep and the Winnebago. 2-D's room is also located inside of the Carpark, as well as Murdoc's housing in the Winnebago.


The Carpark is the largest room in Kong Studios, and contained various vehicles and supplies for the Gorillaz. Many posters of Gorillaz and other bands are located in the room. The Carpark contains the Geep from the 19-2000 (Music Video), Murdoc's Winnebago and leads access to 2-D's Room and the Bunker (or often called the Radio Room)

Phase 1

During Phase 1 the carpark lead access to Murdoc's Winnebago, 2-D's Room and the Geep from the 19-2000 (Music Video), which further leads to the Geep Sim game.


Kong Studios Carpark Phase One

Phase 2

When Danger Mouse crashed Murdoc's Winnebago into a wall in Kong Studios in the Carpark during Phase 2, the wall opened up new section of Kong Studios that had been closed off. Now the carpark had access to the Bunker and Boiler Room. The carpark was also featured on the Phase Two: Slowboat To Hades DVD, which could be accessed through selecting either Murdoc's Winnebago or 2-D's Room.


Kong Studios Carpark Phase Two