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Cass Browne is a musician and writer who provided drums, percussion and character dialogue in Gorillaz from 2000-2012.

Role in Gorillaz[]

Phase One: 2001 - 2002[]

Cass Browne was a friend of co-creator Jamie Hewlett and was asked to help with the project. He had no previous writing experience and started realistically with the G-Bitez. According to an interview with Hallelujah Monkeyz, Cass was brought in late into the process of the first album, meaning he contributed nothing to the Gorillaz debut album. Cass was joined by Mat Wakeham to write Gorillaz lore. His first appearance featured in Bananaz was actually the first time he'd been brought into to help. Later he’d become the Gorillaz's live drummer for all dates from 2001 to 2002 for Gorillaz's debut tour. He'd also co-written the Gorillaz documentary "Charts Of Darkness". As well as this he also co-produced the track The Sounder with Phi Life Cypher. Later, he wrote MEL's website tour that appears on the DVD Celebrity Take Down.

Phase Two: 2003-2006[]

After Mat Wakeham had left due to unknown reasons, Cass became the head writer for Gorillaz. He'd help Jamie in creating the scrapped film Celebrity Harvest which later turned into storylines for Demon Days and phase two. He'd later perform drums on the Demon Days Live shows as well as writing Gorillaz autobiography Rise Of The Ogre.

Phase Three: 2008-2012[]

Then for Plastic Beach, he'd continue on his previous work as the live drummer and head writer. He'd come up with different ideas for Gorillaz lore that was ultimately scrapped. He was the main writer of Gorillaz up to 2012 until he left after a failed project with Jamie that went south.

Post Phase Three: 2012 - Now[]

According to Cass he hasn't spoken to Jamie and Damon in years and was one of a few people let go from the Gorillaz project during the hiatus between Plastic Beach / The Fall and Humanz. Another reason fans have speculated for Cass' departure is because of a Gorillaz Live At Glastonbury performance of Glitter Freeze. Where during the performance; he lost count of the song, adding a few extra bars of drums when there weren't supposed to be. Seconds later the camera caught Damon shouting at Cass from his keyboard before Damon noticed the camera and started to calm down. It is worth noting that even Cass himself stated that Damon was overall stressed around this time. Seconds later the camera caught Cass, notably annoyed at this point, accidentally brake the handle off a siren to the left of his drum kit. In response, Damon kept an eye on Cass for the rest of the performance before ending on a happy note as the song ended. He can be seen smiling but we never see what Cass’ reaction was. But according to Cass the show went on without him but he's doing fine now with other music projects and doesn't appear to be sour on the topic of gorillaz. As he still doesn't mind referring to the band on his Instagram and other things.

Music Career[]

Cass Browne was a member of the band The Psychotics who became The Senseless Things in 1986. The Senseless Things had a couple of top 20 hits and many other singles in their nine years together, they split up in 1995. Jamie Hewlett was a big fan of the band and designed many of their album sleeves. When The Senseless Things split up, Cass formed a new band Delakota, that he toured for a couple of years. Cass Browne also worked with Damon Albarn as his drummer on 2002's Mali Music. In 2018 he formed a psychedelic-punk band called Circle 60 together with Ade Emsley, Des Murphy and former Gorillaz bassist Morgan Nicholls.