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Gorillaz - Cracker Island (Official Video)

The official music video for the Gorillaz song Cracker Island, lead single of the album Cracker Island. It was released on 28 July 2022 along with the single itself and was produced and animated by independent animation studio Nexus Studios.


The video opens with a drowsy 2-D in the back of a police car as he is escorted to the Los Angeles County Hospital on a rainy night. The police officers pushed 2-D inside in a wheelchair, while he and Noodle are questioned by the police. In the corner, a dazed Russel in his hospital gown, stares at a TV which is displaying some static. Throughout the music video, 2-D is seemingly hallucinating visions of Thundercat. 2-D tries to call on the payphone, but he's still very drowsy to hold the phone. In the middle of a nearly dimly lit hallway, a white bed sheet (with two eyeholes) inexplicably rises. The sheet hovers as it slowly moves towards the main lobby. As it moves, an unknown slimy liquid can be seen dragging within its tracks. The TV, where Russel is watching, suddenly showing a breaking news report regarding of a "major incident below the famous Hollywood Sign," and stating that police has "intervenes to stop an occult ceremony." After this, Russel is seen snapping out of his daze and awkwardly stumbling up and walking towards 2-D and the police officers while Noodle is talking on the payphone. Just then, Murdoc arrives at the hospital in an occult robe with a sinister smile. 2-D, Noodle, and the other people in the lobby watches as the bed sheet ghost finally makes its way to the lobby and slowly towards Murdoc, who holds his hands out ready for an embrace. The sheet is remove to reveal a young lady underneath, who quickly ages thereafter. Murdoc places his hand on her cheek endearingly before moving in for a kiss. The music video finishes with a panning shot of Noodle, 2-D, Russel, and the other people in the room looking on with confusion and shock with Noodle shakes her head while uttering something, 2-D looks on and tilts his heads and Russel looks around and at himself for a while before joining the rest in staring at Murdoc.


  • Official Gorillaz YouTube channel.



  • 2D, Noodle, Russel Hobbs, Murdoc Niccals, Thundercat
  • Supporting cast: Milica Tepavac, Sonja Vukicevic, Ivan Tomic, Rudolf Tsabalala, Vukasin Stanic, Ella Landesman, Sippa Hengprathom, Nani Pavlovic, Tea Simic, Snezana Radivojsa, Rajesh Kalhan, Roda Adan


  • Directors: Jamie Hewlett & Fx Goby
  • Executive Producers: Jamie Hewlett & Damon Albarn
  • Jamie Hewlett and Damon Albarn are managed by Eleven Management
  • A Nexus Studios & Gorillaz Production
  • Executive Producers for Nexus: Charlotte Bavasso & Chris O'Reilly, Mike Bell
  • CG Leads: Dave Hunt & Florian Casper
  • VFX Supervisor & Compositing Lead: Germán Díez
  • DP: Ricky Patel
  • Editor: Dave Slade
  • Producer: Jo Bierton
  • Production Manager: Ruyi Meer
  • Production Coordinator: Tyler Antin
  • Production Assistant: Megan Silvester
  • Storyboard Artist: Rodrigo Aquino Verdun
  • Character Modeller: Andy Hickinbottom
  • 3D Generalist: Andy Spence
  • Rigging: Niko Rossi, Nayla Nassar
  • Modeller & Texture Artist: Catarina Loja
  • Pipeline TD: Tom Melson
  • Animators: Fabrice Fiteni, Marylou Mao, Tom Lowe, Fatih Dogan
  • Lead Lighter: Carl Kenyon
  • Lighting & Rendering: Pawel Adamiec, Rodi Kaya, Daniel Prince
  • Lead Compositor; Sacha Danjou
  • Compositors: Gareth Tredrea, Sander Saks, Hiral Kawa, Alexey Viatvud, Gourav Kumar, Simran Arora, Osman Baloglu
  • VFX Editors: Andrea Zantiras, Zaki Fulford
  • Designer & Matte Painters: Milan Baulard, Callum Strachan, Paul Campion
  • Designer: Ieuan Lewis
  • 2D VFX ANIMATOR: Bethany Levy
  • 3D VFX: Paul Mitcheson
  • Motion Graphics Designer: Nathan Bayliss
  • Head of Resources: Natalie Busuttil
  • Resource Manager: Gigi Kohut
  • Resource Coordinator: Meg Dupont
  • Marketing & PR: Valentina Tarelli, Nancy Edmondson, Isobel Wise, Steph Anjo
  • Archive Producer: Lisa Savage
  • Sound FX Designer: JM Finch
  • Grade Company: Black Kite Studios
  • Service Production Company - Tuna Icon
  • Hollywood® is the trademark and intellectual property of Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. All Rights Reserved.
  • Spanish Service Co: AzuL
  • Eleven Management: Niamh Byrne, Regine Moylett, Tanyel Vahdettin, Stars Redmond, Astrid Ferguson, Gabriele Power, Ellie Nolan, Aston New, Katherine Nash, Suzi Grossman, Selena Dion, Clare Moss, Hannah Norris

Special thanks to: Thundercat, Dom Smith, Alison Smith, Josh Berman



CrackerIsland 2D CIMV Thundercat CIMV Russel
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  • At the end of the music video end with a quote from Groucho Marx: "Blessed are the cracked, for they shall let in the light... "
  • Whenever 2-D said the word "occult", a 3D rendering of The Last Cult's symbol (a symbolic rendering of the motif of Pazuzu) would appear along with a roar.