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Cyborg Noodle (2009-2016, reactivated in 2017) is a robotic replica of Noodle built by Murdoc Niccals who served as a her replacement during the third phase of the band.


Cyborg Noodle was created by Murdoc on Plastic Beach with the use of the real Noodle's DNA samples he gathered from the crash site where the El Mañana music video was filmed. This robot clone was given the job of playing the guitar on the Plastic Beach album as well as being Murdoc's personal bodyguard.

Phase 3 (2008–2012)[]

In the music video for the single Stylo, Murdoc, 2-D, and Cyborg Noodle were pursued by a law enforcement agent for speeding on an open highway in the Stylo Camaro belonging to Murdoc. Suffering from the bullet hole in her head, Cyborg Noodle became incapacitated with oil coming out after firing several shotgun shells at the police officer's vehicle. The trio were then pursued by an unknown bounty hunter (Bruce Willis) armed with a revolver who lost track of the three when they dived into the Pacific Ocean. Upon their descent into the ocean, Stylo transformed into a shark-like submarine.[1]


Cyborg Noodle preparing to take aim at the Boogieman

In the music video for On Melancholy Hill, Cyborg Noodle regained consciousness inside of the submarine. Upon regaining consciousness, she regurgitated an unusual one-eyed octopus. While the submarine continued its voyage to Plastic Beach, the trio engaged in a rendezvous with the band's collaborators who were also piloting submarines of their own individual design. Upon their arrival at Plastic Beach, the fleet encountered a mysterious assailant known as the Boogieman who was blocking the fleet's route to the studio with a manatee as a hostage. Murdoc, seemingly surprised to see the Boogieman, then ordered Cyborg Noodle to dispose of him with hostile force. The trio then climbed topside where Cyborg Noodle commenced her attack on the Boogieman. After firing two consecutive solid slug shells with her Remington 870, the Boogieman dragged the manatee into the sea and the fog cleared, revealing Plastic Beach.

In the storyboard film and fan-made music video for Rhinestone Eyes, she is seen shooting at the Boogieman who appears to be attacking Plastic Beach. She then runs to get more guns and ammo. She is then shown blowing up the door and taking cover behind a tree. Later, on near the end of the video, the now giant Russel comes out of the sea and stares at Cyborg Noodle. Then the real Noodle steps out of Russel's mouth. Cyborg Noodle looks shocked, while the real Noodle pulls off her cat mask showing the bruise on her right eye caused by the attack at El Manana. Noodle stares at Cyborg Noodle while the video ends. [2]

Although a showdown against Noodle and Cyborg Noodle was never shown, Murdoc stated in an interview that Noodle killed the cyborg when it started going "wonky" (or malfunctioned) and tried to kill Murdoc. This was later revealed to be a lie on Murdoc's part, as The Book of Murdoc notes that Cyborg joined Murdoc in his escape, serving as a perfect shipmate on the submarine after the second attack on Plastic Beach following the transmission of the fifth episode of the Pirate Radio.

During his escape from the island, Murdoc was found and captured by the Battleship Ringo, owned by EMI, the publisher of Gorillaz' music at the time. While Murdoc was promptly released in the condition that he would reassemble the band and get back to writing music, Cyborg Noodle was confiscated by EMI, but was eventually returned a few years later after the label went defunct.

Phase 4 (2016–2017)[]

In an interview with 2-D and Murdoc, 2-D stated he was in contact with Cyborg Noodle, clarifying that she was at Lincolnshire at the time of the interview to meet fans and test a new bike she had purchased. Murdoc also stated that she would return to the band for live performances.

In a Reddit AMA session, when asked if Noodle had met Cyborg Noodle, she replied that she did, and currently had her head upside down on her coffee table with a bonsai tree growing out of it.

Phase 5 (2018–2019)[]

The Rejects (cancelled)

The Rejects' performance getting cancelled at the Demon Dayz Festival

During the #FreeMurdoc campaign, Murdoc said two contradicting statements about Cyborg Noodle; the first follows what Noodle said in the AMA, while in the second Murdoc says he has no idea what happened to her, as he unfriended her after she kept sending him yoga pics.

During the 2018 Demon Dayz festival, you could find a poster advertising a band titled "The Rejects", featuring Cyborg Noodle and a blue creature resembling Frankenstein's Monster. Each poster featured a large "CANCELLED" sign across, showing that their Demon Dayz performance had been cancelled.

Phase 6 (2019–2021)[]

Cyborg Noodle can be seen deactivated in the music video for The Lost Chord, inside a submarine on Plastic Beach, which is last seen sinking into the bottom of the ocean with her right eye opened wide just as the island is being destroyed.

Notable Weapons[]

The list of weapons below is of weapons found inside of Cyborg Noodle's Broom Cupboard:


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