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Cymbalism was a Flash, Shockwave and Java-based mixer game from Phase 1 that was available on the Korean Double CD of Gorillaz and on the Recording Studio of the Kong Studios website from 2001 to 2003. The game consisted of mixing tools to the Gorillaz song "19-2000" with multiple stems for the track. Also on the website were stems and samples available on other rooms for other songs as well, such as samples and sound files for "Tomorrow Comes Today", "Hip Albatross" and many others, and multitrack stems for two demo songs: "Hand Clapper" and "Gor Beaten", the second one being not fully released to this day.


The game was shown on the MEL's Tour of Kong Studios from the Phase One: Celebrity Take Down DVD, and could be accessed on the recording studio of it. The CD-ROM of the Korean CD, instead of making it playable through there, would take you to the website where you could play or download it, similar to the "Noodle Fight" game on a few instances. The games' tracks stems and scripts have been archived, but unfortunately, the game is not currently accessible anymore, although it isn't technically "lost", as its files are archived on Gorillaz Raritiez' Phase One Kong Studios website.


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The Re-Hash mixer

Also on the Recording Studio room of Kong Studios was another, less complex mixer game, but for "Re-Hash" instead, named 5-Track. On the mixer, you could control both the volume and the tone or type of sound for five different elements of the song: the percussion, electronic sounds, the guitar, 2-D's "It's the money or stop" chorus and other miscellaneous sounds. This game, in contrary to the 19-2000 mixer, can still be played, but only on a browser that supports both Adobe Flash and Shockwave plugins.

This was the first game Mat Wakeham had brainstormed for the Gorillaz website.[1]



  • It was one of the three Phase One games from the Kong Studios website, with the others being Noodle Fight and the Geep Simulator, also known as Final Drive.



A tutorial image from the start of the game