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Danger Mouse

Brian Joseph Burton (b. July 29, 1977), better known by his stage name Danger Mouse, is an American musician, songwriter and producer.

Role in Gorillaz[]

Danger Mouse co-produced the Gorillaz' albums Demon Days and D-Sides, with Jason Cox and James Dring being his co-producers. He also provided percussion and drum programming for Demon Days and for the track People from D-Sides. Danger Mouse was invited to work on Demon Days when Gorillaz co-creator Damon Albarn had heard his ''Grey Album'', a mix of Jay Z and The Beatles. Damon wanted Danger Mouse to work on the next Gorillaz album but Gorillaz record label, EMI, were skeptical due to Danger Mouse making the Grey album without The Beetles consent. Damon eventually convinced them and Danger Mouse would later work with Gorillaz up until 2006.

Musical Career[]

He came to prominence in 2004 when he released The Grey Album, which combined vocal performances from Jay-Z's The Black Album with instrumentals from The Beatles' self-titled album. The Grey Album got the attention of Damon Albarn, who enlisted Danger Mouse to produce the Gorillaz' second studio album, "Demon Days. It has earned Burton a Grammy Award nomination for Producer of the Year. Danger Mouse's next project was The Mouse and the Mask, a collaboration with MF Doom (as DANGERDOOM) about and for Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. The two had previously collaborated on the Danger Mouse remix of Zero 7's Somersault, on the Prince Po track Social Distortion and on Gorillaz' November Has Come.


  • The Chilling Effect Original Motion Picture Score (1999)
  • Rhode Island (2000)
  • Pelican City vs. Scanner (2002)
  • Ghetto Pop Life (2003)
  • The Grey Album (2004)
  • The Mouse & The Mask (2005)
  • St. Elsewhere (2006)
  • The Odd Couple (2008)
  • The Last Laugh (2009)
  • Dark Night of the Soul (2010)
  • Broken Bells (2010)
  • Rome (2011)
  • After the Disco (2014)
  • Lux Prima (2019)
  • Cheat Codes (2022)