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Demon Days Live was a rendition of Gorillaz second album Demon Days. These shows where very limited as they only played at two different Venus, The the Manchester Opera House and Apollo Theatre. Taking a different approach from their previous Gorillaz LIVE Tour, of their debut Gorillaz album.

Demon Days Live in Manchester

Demon Days Live in Manchester

Demon Days Live in NYC

Demon Days Live in NYC

Where was the actual Band?[]

According to Gorillaz 2006 autobiography, Rise of the Ogre. Murdoc, 2-D, Russel and Noodle where scheduled to perform Feel Good Inc. Live At The 2005 MTV EMA's in November. So Murdoc decided on letting collaborator Damon Albarn lead the set of live shows. Damon managed on getting many different performances to re create their latest master piece that was Demon Days. Damon bought on a 8 piece band, consisting of a singer, bassist, two guitarists, keyboardist, drummer and percussionist. Along with the band, Damon brought the Demon Strings from the album and back up singers. 2-D and Murdoc attended the first show before rushing all the way to Lisbon for the MTV EMAs. Then in 2006, 2-D and Murdoc would once again visit the shows after guitarist Noodle had disappeared in the El Mañana Video.

The concept for Demon Days Live[]

Unlike yet in fashion of Gorillaz 2001-02 tour, Damon and co-creator Jamie Hewlett decided to keep the band hidden. For the Gorillaz 2001-02 tours the band where hidden being a cinema screen showing visuals. But in the Demon Days Live shows, as seen in the 2008 documentary Bananaz, Jamie and Damon decided on having panels behind the musicians and a screen showing the visuals accompanying the songs. In fashion of the album, Damon and Jamie tried to recreate an atmosphere of night and suspense.


Demon Days Live at Manchester 2005[]

After the release of Demon Days third single, Dirty Harry, along with the other chart topping hits Feel Good Inc. and DARE, Damon and Jamie decided on starting shows for the album. Damon bought all the features from the album along with all the musicians that played on the album with exception of a few musicians who where invited purely for the live shows. The shows in 2005 took place in the Manchester Opera House, playing a total of five nights. The shows received several amazing reviews.

Demon Days Live a Apollo Theatre 2006[]

Now with the release of the double A - Side El Mañana/Kids With Guns Almost a year after the first set of shows in Manchester. Damon and Jamie decided on bringing Demon Days to the US. These shows where exactly identical to the ones played in Manchester with the difference of legend Ike Turner joining the band live. Along with the Manchester shows the Apollo shows where very well received. According to different source a show in Las Vegas was heavily considered but was scrapped after several budget issues.

Track listing[]

Encore -


Featured artists[]

Neneh Cherry - Kids With Guns

Bootie Brown - Dirty Harry

De La Soul - Feel Good Inc.

Ike Turner - Every Planet We Reach Is Dead

MF Doom - November Has Come (Only appears on visuals)

Roots Manuva / Martina Topley-Bird - All Alone

Shaun Ryder / Rosie Wilson - DARE

Dennis Hopper - Fire Coming Out of the Monkey's Head (US Shows only)

London Community Gospel Choir - Don't Get Lost in Heaven / Demon Days


Damon Albarn - Vocals and Piano

Morgan Nicholls - Bass

Simon Tong - Guitar

Simon Jones - Guitar

Mike Smith - Keys

Darren Galea - Turntable

Karl Vanden Bossche - Percussion

Cass Browne - Drums

Live Performances[]



Gorillaz Apollo

Gorillaz Apollo

Gorillaz Manchester

Gorillaz Manchester

Demon Days Live