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Demon Detour Poster

Demon Detour Poster

The Demon Detour was a virtual radio tour held during by Gorillaz June 2005 in support for Demon Days.


The virtual tour was broadcast on 46 different radio stations around the US during June 2005. The virtual tour contained songs recorded at Sarm West Studios, in London, England, from the Gorillaz and Demon Days albums, recorded by the Demon Days band. The music used for the virtual tour was recorded in 2005 live in the studio but also from a 2002 Gorillaz LIVE performance in the US. Each broadcast featured the band members speaking before each song to give the impression that it was the band members playing.

Eight tracks from Gorillaz' sessions recorded during the 22nd and 23rd of May 2005 and played over the tour were later released as B-side tracks to different singles or EPs from Phase 2 and on a promo CD of Live Tracks from the event by Parlophone, those being (in the CD's order): All Alone, Clint Eastwood, DARE, Dirty Harry, El Mañana, Feel Good Inc., Kids With Guns and Last Living Souls. The Demon Detour was also mentioned in Gorillaz's autobiography Rise of the Ogre, with some portions of the session photos coming from the actual Demon Days recording sessions, taken from the Gorillaz' 2008 behind-the-scenes documentary Bananaz.

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Gorillaz - Demon Detour (Saram Studios - 2005) (LIVE)