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Gorillaz - Dirty Harry (Official Video)

The official music video for the Gorillaz song Dirty Harry, the third single of the album Demon Days. It was released on 21 November 2005 along with the single itself and was produced and animated by film production company Passion Pictures.


A helicopter has crashed in a desert, and 2-D, along with a bunch of small children, that have survived the crash. He fires off a flare, hoping to attract the attention of rescuers. The other 3 members of Gorillaz (who are in the casspir), some ways away, see the flare, and head for where it came from. While waiting for them to get there, 2-D starts playing "Dirty Harry" on his fold-out keyboard and the kids sing along. When the APC arrives at 2-D and the children's location, Bootie Brown rises out of the sand and starts rapping. When the song finishes they all get in the APC and it drives off, only to break down short of 20 feet away.


The music video has previously been privated on the band's official YouTube channel, but it's now been put back up in count of the other music videos being reuploaded in a higher resolution. It has remained unchanged however, as it's still at a 320p resolution.


Other than the unfinished drawings and animations from the animatic, it doesn't have many notable differences from the final version of the music video. Two versions of the animatic exist however the only difference between them is that one uses the Dirty Harry single while the other one uses the Dirty Harry instrumental.


Music Video[]


  • DVD format of the "Dirty Harry" single (both versions);
  • Phase 2 DVD Slowboat To Hades (instrumental version);
  • Official Gorillaz YouTube channel (instrumental version).


  • Record Company: Parlophone
  • Artist Management: CMO
  • Production Company: Passion Pictures
  • Directors: Jamie Hewlett/Pete Candeland
  • Executive Producer: Andrew Ruhemann
  • Producers: Emilie Walmsley/Cara Speller
  • 2D Animation: Robert Valley, Heath Kenny, Rikke Asbjorn
  • Key Assistant to Director: David Burns
  • Animation Assistants: Miles Peters, Brent Odell, Jonathan Wren, Gail Walton, Richard Wake, Gerry Gallego, Rachel Glodowski
  • FX Animators: Simon Swales, Barney Russell
  • FX Assistants: Mikolaj Watt, Sky Bone, Jane Wright, Katerina Kremasioti, Monica Brufton
  • Toonz: Phil Holder, Tim King, Megs White Dore
  • Art Direction: Daniel Cacouault
  • Matte Painter: Christobal de Oliveira
  • Creative Assistant: Paul Cheshire
  • Technician: Tony Clarke
  • 2D Co-ordination: Jen Nunn, David Burns
  • CG Animation: Wesley Coman
  • CG Supervisors: Chris Hemming, Antoine Moulineau
  • CG Modellers: Stuart Rowbottom, Adam Sharp, David Usher
  • CG Lighting: Adam Sharp
  • CG Effects: Lukasz Pazera
  • Senior Compositor: Johnny
  • Still Compositing: Niamh Lines, Cassiano Prado, Ed Salkeld
  • Technical Director: Mark Wilson
  • 3D Co-ordination: Emma Philips
  • DoP (live action shots) Richard Stewart
  • Camera Operator: Richard Stewart
  • Producer (live action) Russell McLean
  • Make Up: Cecile Nonon
  • Editor: Jamie Foord
  • Post Production: Rushes
  • VFX Artists: Duncan Malcolm, Marcus Wood, Brian Carbin
  • Rushes Producer: Carl Grinter



DirtyHarry - Lets sing a song now kids DirtyHarry - Noodle the flare and the APC DirtyHarry - Snake
The full image gallery for Dirty Harry (Music Video) may be viewed at Dirty Harry (Music Video)/Gallery.


  • The live action shots were filmed in the Swakopmund desert in Namibia, Africa, which is freezing in the morning, and 40 degrees in the heat of the day.
  • Bootie Brown had to do take after take of the 'rising up from sand' shot, but never once complained.
  • The APC was on loan from the Namibian armed forces.
  • The 'flying bird' sign that makes 2D, is a reference to the movie 'Napoleon Dynamite', one of the favorite movies of 2D (Moment when the sign appears in the movie 17:20. Moment when the sign appears in the music video 4:06)