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Gorillaz - El Mañana (Official Video)

The official music video for the Gorillaz song El Mañana, the fourth and final single alongside Kids With Guns of the album Demon Days. It was released on 10 April 2006 along with the single itself and was produced and animated by film production company Passion Pictures.


Noodle is floating along peacefully in the sunshine on her floating island. Suddenly the peaceful calm is shattered when two attack helicopters appear and start shooting at her with machine guns. Noodle takes refuge in the windmill. The helicopters fire at the windmill and damage it. Later Noodle comes out of the windmill to look around, and sees that the once beautiful sky has turned completely cloudy and dark, but the helicopters see her and attack again, and she is forced back inside the windmill. Eventually the island is so damaged that it cannot float anymore and starts to fall to the earth. It crashes on the ground and one of the helicopters drops a bomb on it.


During the Demon Detour, Gorillaz were constantly under attack and suffering multiple threats, but none of the band members were aware of who was responsible for the attacks. Around this time, Gorillaz secured a new label in the United States, with the head of it being Jimmy Manson. Manson had initially auditioned for the guitar during the early stages of the band, but Murdoc rejected him after Noodle was choosen as the band's guitarist instead.

After Murdoc discovered that it was Jimmy Manson who was attacking the band, he devised a plan with Manson to eliminate Gorillaz and cash in on their success. Murdoc's plan involved using the Flying Windmill Island from the Feel Good Inc. video and having Noodle ride on it during the El Mañana one. Murdoc planned to stash guns in the windmill tower, and Jimmy would shoot the guitarist out of the sky while he would, supposedly, parachute off to safety. With the plan in place, Murdoc informed the other members of Gorillaz, who were initially skeptical but eventually agreed to it. Murdoc's actual intention, however, was to eliminate Jimmy Manson instead, by trapping him inside of the island while it was falling down.

During the El Mañana video shoot, the windmill island, with Noodle still in it, was blown-up on-screen. After director Jamie Hewlett called cut, the medical team rushed to search for Noodle, but she was nowhere to be found. After Noodle's apparent death, everything fell apart. Kong Studios, the Gorillaz HQ, began to crumble, with 2-D and Russel leaving the band not long after. However, the release of the band's autobiography, Rise Of The Ogre, revealed the truth about what had occurred. Murdoc had locked Jimmy in the windmill with no guns to shoot with, while Noodle had safely parachuted off in time. Jimmy Manson died during the island's crash.

The only question Murdoc didn't know the answer to was who was piloting the helicopters in the video, and who did they belong to. Initially, Murdoc had planned for the original helicopters from the Feel Good Inc. video to fire fake bullets. However, a group of unidentified helicopters suddenly appeared and began firing, then quickly departed, leaving the wreckage behind. It was later discovered that the helicopters belonged to an underground organization named 'The Black Clouds'. After they left the set, the actual helicopters from the Feel Good Inc. video arrived, claiming that they had been delayed by bad weather.


Other than the unfinished drawings and animations from the animatic, it doesn't have many notable differences from the final version of the music video.


Music Video[]



Directed by Pete Candeland and Jamie Hewlett at Passion Pictures

Full Credits:
Title: El Manana
Length:4 minutes 30 seconds
Client: EMI/Parlophone
Band: Gorillaz
Management: CMO Management
Creatives: Jamie Hewlett
Producer:Cara Speller
Production Co: Passion Pictures
Director: Peter Candeland & Jamie Hewlett
Producer for Passion Pictures: Anna Lord
Executive Producer for Passion Pictures: Hugo Sands, Andrew Ruhemann
2D Production Manager: Jen Coatsworth
CG Production Manager: Emma Phillips
Art Director / Cg Supervisor: Antoine Moulineau
2D Animation: Rikke Asbjoern, Nelson Yokota de Paula Lima, Rob Stevenhagen, Daryl Graham, Heath Kenny
Head 2D Assist & Co-ordination: David Burns
2D Assist: Jonathan Wren, Katerina Kremasioti, Mitchel Wilmot, Brent Odell, Gerry Gallego, Sky Bone
2D FX Animation: Simon Swales, Barney Russell
Toonz: Phil Holder, Tim King, Megs White Dore
Checking: Tony Clarke
CG Animation: Wes Coman
Visual FX Supervisor: Harry Bardak
Visual FX Artists: Elisée Cesarotti, Marc Di Nocera, Rob Chapman, James Coore
Lead Technical Director: Nikos Gatos
Lead Modeller / Texture artist: Tom Bryant
Modelling / Texture artist: Mario Ucci
Lead Lighter / Layout artist: Lukasz Pazur
Lighting: Ludovic Walsh, Axel Akesson, Nikos Gatos
Lead Compositor: Johnny Still
Compositing: Niamh Lines, David Lea, Julien Limouse, Neil Riley
Matte Painting: Daniel Cacouault, Jim Bowers
Storyboard: Jamie Hewlett
Software used: Xsi, AfterFX, Toonz, Final Cut Pro, Combustion, Lightwave
Editor: Jamie Foord
Sound Design: Chi Li Shrewring



Noodle open eye Noodle closed eye Noodle smiling in El Mañana
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  • The video is a continuation of themes in the 'Feel Good Inc' video. The floating island and the menacing helicopters both return.
  • Noodle supposedly parachuted off of the island as it was descending towards the ground.