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This page features information regarding the music video for "El Mañana".


Noodle is floating along peacefully in the sunshine on her floating island. Suddenly the peaceful calm is shattered when two attack helicopters appear and start shooting at her with machine guns. Noodle takes refuge in the windmill. The helicopters fire at the windmill and damage it. Later Noodle comes out of the windmill to look around, and sees that the once beautiful sky has turned completely cloudy and dark, but the helicopters see her and attack again, and she is forced back inside the windmill. eventualy the island is so damaged that it cannot float anymore and starts to fall to the earth. It crashes on the ground and one of the helicopters drops a bomb on it.



Record Company: Parlophone

Artist Management: CMO

Production Company: Passion Pictures

Directors: Jamie Hewlett/Pete Candeland

Executive Producer: Andrew Ruhemann

Producers: Emilie Walmsley/Cara Speller

2D Animation: Robert Valley, Heath Kenny, Rikke Asbjorn

Key Assistant to Director: David Burns

Animation Assistants: Miles Peters, Brent Odell, Jonathan Wren, Gail Walton, Richard Wake, Gerry Gallego, Rachel Glodowski

FX Animators: Simon Swales, Barney Russell

FX Assistants: Mikolaj Watt, Sky Bone, Jane Wright, Katerina Kremasioti, Monica Brufton

Toonz: Phil Holder, Tim King, Megs White Dore

Art Direction: Daniel Cacouault

Matte Painter: Christobal de Oliveira

Creative Assistant: Paul Cheshire

Technician: Tony Clarke

2D Co-ordination: Jen Nunn, David Burns

CG Animation: Wesley Coman

CG Supervisors: Chris Hemming, Antoine Moulineau

CG Modellers: Stuart Rowbottom, Adam Sharp, David Usher

CG Lighting: Adam Sharp

CG Effects: Lukasz Pazera

Senior Compositor: Johnny

Still Compositing: Niamh Lines, Cassiano Prado, Ed Salkeld

Technical Director: Mark Wilson

3D Co-ordination: Emma Philips

DoP (live action shots) Richard Stewart

Camera Operator: Richard Stewart

Producer (live action) Russell McLean

Make Up: Cecile Nonon

Editor: Jamie Foord

Post Production: Rushes

VFX Artists: Duncan Malcolm, Marcus Wood, Brian Carbin

Rushes Producer: Carl Grinter

Additional Information

The video is a continuation of themes in the 'Feel Good Inc' video. The floating island and the menacing helicopters both return.

Noodle supposedly parachuted off of the island as it was descending towards the ground.