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This article is about the extended play. You may be looking for the single or the iTunes EP.

The Feel Good Inc. EP is the second and a digital-exclusive extended play by Gorillaz, named after the song Feel Good Inc., the lead single from the band's second studio album, Demon Days. It was released on 26 January 2006.


The EP was initially exclusive to the US on iTunes and SoundCloud, but was later made available on other countries and platforms, such as Spotify. Apart from Feel Good Inc. itself, the extended play included two B-side tracks from the single release of the song and a remix of another single, DARE, which would all later be feauted on the compilation album D-Sides.

The iTunes version of the EP also contains the animatic video for Feel Good Inc.

Track Listing[]

Standard Edition[1]
No. Title Length
1. 'Feel Good Inc.' (feat. De La Soul) 3:42
2. 'Spitting Out The Demons'   5:09
3. 'Bill Murray' (feat. The Bees) 3:52
4. 'DARE (Soulwax Remix)' (feat. Rosie Wilson & Shaun Ryder, remix by Soulwax) 5:44
Total length:
iTunes-exclusive Content
No. Title Length
5. 'Feel Good Inc. (Animatic)'   3:47
Total length:





  • Gorillaz - production
  • Brian Burton - mixing, production
  • Geoff Pesche - mastering, mixing
  • Jason Cox - engineering, mixing, production
  • James Dring - production
  • Soulwax - additional production ('DARE (Soulwax Remix)')
  • Howie Weinberg - mastering
  • Will Street - recording assistance
  • Stephen Sedgwick - mixing assistance



  • In Japan, Feel Good Inc. and the other singles from Phase Two were released in a 4-track EP/Maxi single format instead of the standard 2/3-track CDs. The Japanese release of Feel Good Inc., however, had a different tracklist from the Digital EP, including the B-side Murdoc Is God instead of the 'Soulwax Remix' of DARE.
    • Feel Good Inc. is the only single from Phase Two to have received two different extended play releases (excluding the Japanese versions of the singles), with those being the Feel Good Inc. EP, released in January 2006, and the EP Series entry of the song, from December of the same year.




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