The music video of "Feel Good Inc." made in 2005.

The music video has been reuploaded in full resolution with clarity in audio on the band's official YouTube channel.

The original upload has since been privated, and because of this, it leads some new comers to the band to believe it's a new song.


It appears to be morning, after a night of riotous partying in the tower of 'Feel Good Inc.', an immense edifice, above a futuristic industrialized city. 2-D wakes up and starts singing the song through a megaphone, while Murdoc plays the bass guitar and Russel joins in on drums. De La Soul appears on television displays on the walls and do their rap. Outside, Noodle's floating windmill island floats past, with Noodle playing the acoustic guitar. 2D looks up longingly at it through the window of the tower. The floating windmill is chased by helicopters which later in the El Mañana video is shot down supposedly killing Noodle.


Available on the DVD single of "Feel Good Inc."

On the bonus DVD of the limited edition version of the "Demon Days" album.

Available on the Phase 2 DVD 'Slowboat To Hades'.

Can be found on YouTube on EMI Music's channel. Available on the DVD edition of, The Singles Collection 2001-2011.


Record Company: Parlophone

Artist Management: CMO

Production Company: Passion Pictures

Directors: Jamie Hewlett/Pete Candeland

Executive Producer: Andrew Ruhemann

Producers: Emilie Walmsley/Cara Speller

2D Animation: Robert Valley, Heath Kenny, Rikke Asbjorn

Key Assistant to Director: David Burns

Animation Assistants: Miles Peters, Brent Odell, Jonathan Wren, Gail Walton, Richard Wake, Gerry Gallego, Rachel Glodowski

FX Animators: Simon Swales, Barney Russell

FX Assistants: Mikolaj Watt, Sky Bone, Jane Wright, Katerina Kremasioti, Monica Brufton

Toonz: Phil Holder, Tim King, Megs White Dore

Art Direction: Daniel Cacouault

Matte Painter: Christobal de Oliveira

Creative Assistant: Paul Cheshire

Technician: Tony Clarke

2D Co-ordination: Jen Nunn, David Burns

CG Animation: Wesley Coman

CG Supervisors: Chris Hemming, Antoine Moulineau

CG Modellers: Stuart Rowbottom, Adam Sharp, David Usher

CG Lighting: Adam Sharp

CG Effects: Lukasz Pazera

Senior Compositor: Johnny

Still Compositing: Niamh Lines, Cassiano Prado, Ed Salkeld

Technical Director: Mark Wilson

3D Co-ordination: Emma Philips

DoP (live action shots) Richard Stewart

Camera Operator: Richard Stewart

Producer (live action) Russell McLean

Make Up: Cecile Nonon

Editor: Jamie Ford

Post Production: Rushes

VFX Artists: Duncan Malcolm, Marcus Wood, Brian Carbin

Rushes Producer: Carl Grinter

Music Video

Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc

Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc. (Official Video)


Additional Information

  • The flying windmill island is heavily inspired by Miyazaki's 'Castle In the Sky' which Jamie has cited as one of his main influences in interviews.
  • Russel's cap spots the ENCOM logo. ENCOM is the name of the fictional computer enterprise from Disney's TRON-franchise