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G-Bitez, also known as Gorillabitez, is a series of short skits featuring Gorillaz band members, released during Phases 1 and 2.

Background and Production[]

The G-Bitez were released around the same time as the Rock The House single and sent out to various TV companies and stations to allow audiences to see Gorillaz outside of the music video format. They also served the basic purpose of promoting the band in an interesting and unusual way.[1]

According to Jamie Hewlett, G-Bitez came about because of the audience's desire to see more animation with the characters, as at the time they only had videos of them performing songs. Jamie didn't want to do a TV series as he thought it was a "shit idea", so they came up with these little sketches.[1]

Many sketches were written and proposed, but only five were fully completed and released for the first album: The Eel, Hey! Our Toys Have Arrived, Free Tibet Campaign, Game Of Death and Jump The Gut. A sixth sketch, Fancy Dress, was left unfinished and was not released until Phase 2.[1] In Rise Of The Ogre, Murdoc states that some G-Bitez were based on true stories (like The Eel) while some were scripted.[2]



Title Length Phase Featuring
Hey! Our Toys Have Arrived 0:48 One 2-DMurdocRussel, Noodle
Free Tibet 0:49 One 2-D
The Eel 1:05 One 2-DMurdocRussel, Eel
Jump the Gut 1:18 One 2-DRussel, Noodle, Del
Game Of Death 1:21 One 2-DMurdocRussel, Noodle
Fancy Dress 1:03 One 2-DMurdocRussel, Noodle
On Set/On The Island 1:05 Two 2-DMurdocRussel, Noodle, Cortez
Talent Quest 1:10 Two 2-DMurdocRussel, Noodle


  • The G-Bitez have their own theme music.
  • The Phase 1 G-Bitez were available for viewing in the Kong Studios Cinema.
  • 2-D is the only band member that appeared in all of the G-Bitez.
  • According to Russel, each individual G-Bite cost around ₤60,000 to make.[3]

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