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The G.R.3.G. Bomb Disposal unit (also known as Greg) was a remote controlled E.O.D. unitW that was used to explore the ground floor level Kong Studios in 2003 after the studio was abandoned in 2002. G.R.3.G. could be accessed through the police Portacabin located in the cemetery below the hill the studio was situated on. [1]


G.R.3.G. was used to explore the Ground Floor Lobby and its connecting rooms while the upper/lowers floors were closed off as active crime scenes by the police. It had two claws that it could use to cut wires and grab objects but, oftentimes simply knocked over furniture and made a mess of its surroundings.


  • G.R.3.G. served as the viewer's interface for Phase One: Celebrity Take Down when navigating the DVD which provided an interactive view of Kong Studios.
  • The G.R.3.G. mini game uses the same 3D engine as the Geep Simulator from Adobe Shockwave.


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