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G Magazine

The cover for G Magazine.

G Magazine is a single issue magazine about Gorillaz that was published on December 1st, 2017. As the first ever magazine by Gorillaz, G Magazine’s contents consisted of interviews with the band, playlists, and artwork, with each copy including a sticker sheet, a poster, and a patch. G Magazine is the first printed publication by Gorillaz since the 2010 Escape To Plastic Beach World Tour Guide. It was succeeded in 2020 by the Gorillaz book Gorillaz Almanac 2020, a similar publication that is much grander and more expansive.


On November 28th 2017, Gorillaz announced on Twitter that they would be publishing their very first magazine, called G Magazine on December 1st. Upon release, the magazine was sold through Gorillaz’ online G-Foot store and G-Foot pop up shops and as merchandise at Humanz Tour concerts. It initially came with merchandise such as a sticker sheet, a double-sided poster, and a patch.


Gorillaz A-Z of 2017[]

"2D, Murdoc, Noodle and Russel recount their memories of what seemed like the most fucked up year in human history."


"The best looks from the pathways and pedestrianized areas of Greater London."

Murdoc's Guide to Love[]

"The self-titled 'sexiest being in the solar system' on dating and relationships."

Crate-Digging: Journey to the Centre of the Noodle-Verse[]

Noodle delves into her expansive record collection, revealing a number of favourite songs

Synths Are My Friends[]

2D recalls his longstanding love for synthesizers, naming various influences, memories, and favorites; including Cynthia, a keyboard built via military technology which was destroyed after attempting to instigate nuclear armageddon.

Russel Hobbs: I Believe in Ghosts[]

Russel conversations with a professional ghost hunter known as "Marie" - often proving a bit surreal for her tastes.

Gorillaz meet Jamie Hewlett[]

Gorillaz attempt to interview longtime collaborator Jamie Hewlett, inevitably annoying and distracting the artist along the way.

Tracks of the Year[]

"2017 produced more bangers than a sausage factory - Gorillaz pick the cream of the crop."

Last Day on Earth[]

2D details his hypothetical "last day on earth" - planned thanks to Murdoc entering him for a chance to take a one-way flight to Mars.


  • G Magazine is likely made as an homage to the world famous American satirical magazine Mad Magazine, whom Jamie has cited as a key influence on his work.