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"Game of Death" is a G-Bite short from the Phase One: Celebrity Take Down compilation DVD.



Noodle (in Japanese): 殴り!なーぐりー!けーりー!蹴り!けーーりーー!ジャブ!ジャブ!ジャーブ!大丈夫かい…?
[Naguri! Naaaguriii! Keeeriii! Keri!! Keeeeriiii! Jab! Jab! Jaaab! Daijôbu kai...?]
(Punch! Punch! Kick! Kick! Kick! Jab-jab! Jab! Come on, big ox...)
Russel (cracks knuckles): It's time for the beat-down. A'ight? I'm gon' bring it to you. Let's go!
[Russel stomps on the ground sumo-style and rips the back of his pants]
[Noodle flips over Russel and smacks him in the head, knocking off his afro wig and glasses and landing on her toes]
Noodle: Whaa-aa!
[Russel reaches down for his glasses. Noodle grabs his hands and flips him.]

Noodle: Whooacchoo!
Russel: Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh, that's enough.
[Cut to Murdoc and 2D playing a videogame]
Murdoc: (makes strange sound) Oh! My controller's broken!
2D: You always say that!
Murdoc: Oh, this Russel character is rubbish!
2D: Ha! You always say that too.
Murdoc: Best of three?
[Noodle kicks the wig back onto Russel's head and prepares to fight again.]
Russel (sighs): Oh, man!


Gorillaz - Game Of Death


  • The short is a parody of the Bruce Lee film of the same name.