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Gorillaz - Garage Palace (Visualiser)

The official visualiser for the Gorillaz single Garage Palace featuring Little Simz. It was released on 31 October 2017 on Gorillaz’ official Youtube channel, and was developed by animation studio Blinkink.


The video is a retro 8-bit video game visualiser, where Murdoc, 2-D, Russel and Noodle team up with Little Simz to fight a horde of zombie-like enemies and the final boss in a pixelated dystopian world.


  • Official Gorillaz Youtube channel.


  • Production Company: Blinkink
  • Director: Noah Harris
  • Co Director: Nicos Livesey
  • Producer: Hugo Donkin
  • Executive Producers: Bart Yates & Ryan Goodwin-Smith
  • Production Coordinator: Rosanna Morley
  • Animators: George Johnson, Jac Clinch, Nicos Livesey
  • Animation Assistant: Alexander Hellebaut
  • Little Simz Character Design: McKay Felt
  • Additional Character Design: Rufus Dayglo
  • ‘Sprites’ Character Design: Marcel Tigchelaa
  • Concept Art: Alessandro Chirico
  • Background Artist: Dan Lambert
  • Colour Scripts: Laura Quinn
  • Colourist: Duncan Russell
  • Grade: Freefolk



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