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Gorillaz Gonk Bonanaz was an interactive menu present on the DVD-ROM content of Phase Two: Slowboat To Hades. It was designed and developed by the Zombie Flesh Eaters.


Upon opening the DVD on a computer, an installation would be required. When opening the program, a loading screen appears with MEL's logo on the top left corner of the screen. The 'Settigns' page would immediately load, giving the user the option to choose between 'full screen' and 'windowed' modes.

The menu contained a total of 16 games made during Phase 2 as well as eight screensavers, fourty-five wallpapers and hidden achievement-mased extras. It can still be run on modern computers, however the games will only work on older operational systems with Flash Player support or a virtual machines.

List of Games[]



Credits screen

Game Design[]

Graphic Design[]

  • Tim Watkins
  • Matt Watkins
  • Jamie Hewlett


  • Mike Robinson

Voice Acting[]

3D Development[]

  • James Coore
  • Matt Watkins

Extra Help[]

Development Software[]

  • Adobe Flash
  • MDM Zinc 2.5 (PC)
  • mProjector (MAC)



  • On the 'Achievements' section of the menu, entries 13, 14 and 15 are misnumbered, with 14 and 15, assigned to Russel's Cookie Eating and Operation Rejuvination, respectively, going before 13, assigned to Dirty Harry.
  • The application uses the letter 'G' written in red with a blue background as its icon, originating from Rock The House, the same used on the Gorillaz website during Phases 1 and 2.
  • Because of a bug in the application, certain achievement wallpapers cannot actually be unlocked as intended, such as the Golden Potatoes wallpaper from Potato Peeling.