Richard: Hello. I'm Richard the Popworld Horse. And today I'm going live by satellite to the Gorillaz.

Hello the Gorillaz!

*Screen malfunctions and starts to static*

Hello? Can they see me? Hellooo? Ah, there we are! Okay great!

So, your back! Where have you been?

Murdoc: Weeeeellll..errr...yeah I've been bang up in jail down in Mexico. Ah, and uh, Russel in a nervous breakdown. Uhhhh, 2-D's been uhh...working a funfair. That's about right. And uh, Noodle went back to Japan to discover her secret past as a member of a many Japanese fighting squad.

Noodle: We have each been on a intense personal journey of our own. We also worked with many different collaborators for "Demon Days". This has allowed us to come back together; with a much deeper bond. :)

Richard: Gosh!

(Gorillaz song "Dirty Harry" plays)

Richard: Anyway back to you guys. 2-D, what's it like being a sex symbol?

Murdoc: Err, no he ain't no sex symbol. He's too busy changing his ringtones.

2-D: You're just jealous.

Murdoc: No I'm not.

2-D: Yes you are.

Murdoc: No I'm not.

2-D: Yes you are.

Murdoc: Nooooo I'm not.

2-D:....Yes you are.

Murdoc: SHUT UP!!!!

Richard: Okay. Break it up guys! I'm a bit of a stunt myself! Ha-ha!

(Music plays)

Richard: Brilliant! Who have you collaborated with?

Russel: It features collaboration from Roots Manuva, De La Soul, Ike Turner-

Richard: Ike Turner? Didn't he play the baddy in that film with Tina Turner?...So greedy.

(Music plays)

Richard: So, do you still love performing LIVE Gorillaz?

Murdoc: YEAH BABAY! Live's where it's at. Y'know? Ahhhh...(Richard: Wicked!) the smell of the crowd. I love it! Y'know 50,000 kids going crazy. Me up on stage, foot on the monitor, bass thumping away! UNBELIEVABLE. You know what? When I die, I wanna come back as me and do the whole thing all over again.

Richard: Okay, well, thank you very much Gorillaz!

Murdoc: Ah! Thank you! that it?

Richard: Yeah!

Murdoc: Great! I'm outta here! I'll see you losers later!

2-D: See ya! Bye!

Noodle: Bye!! :D

Murdoc: No, not really, I'm coming back in a minute.

Richard: Keep it gangster! Well I think that went on the left is a bit moody.

(Noodle turns around)

Richard: Oh! Are we still on? *nervous laugh*