Talent Quest back view

The Gorillaz sitting on the chairs waiting for the video to start.

"Talent Quest" is a Gorillaz G-Bite.


This G-Bite was made during Phase 2, for their "Search For A Star" contest.



[The band is sitting on the S4AS room in Kong Studios, Film Music is playing in the background]

Narrator: The second wave has begun.

Narrator: Murdoc Niccals. Bass player, bully boy, jailbird and ladies' man.

Murdoc: Oh, really?

Narrator: Hip-hop hardman Russel Hobbs, the drummer, his mind now lost in limbo.

Narrator: 2D, uh.. singer, pretty boy... halfwit.

2D: 'Ello.

Narrator: And young Noodle, junior martial arts expert and Gorillaz' visionary.

Narrator: These are Gorillaz. Four people, one band, on one mission: To save the world from manufactured pop with a worldwide search to find fresh talents, new artists and the truly gifted.

Murdoc: Do it again.

Narrator: The prize: to become a Gorillaz collaborator.

Murdoc: I tell you what, mate - if all the world's a stage, I'd get off it if I were you.

Russel: Hey yo, give them a chance.

2D: Give me a chance, I’ll show you a fantastic trick!

Noodle: Shh! Be quiet, I'm working!

Narrator: Who or what are they looking for? Where will this competition lead? View the action online at

Murdoc: Come back when you got something decent to show, and don’t forget to shut your face on the way out! [Laughs]


Talent Quest (G-Bite)

Talent Quest (G-Bite)