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The Gorillaz Wiki is a free community-maintained encyclopedia about anything and everything related to the virtual band Gorillaz that anyone can edit. We are proud to offer 1,103 articles and 7,152 images & videos! We welcome all new users who would like to join us and contribute to our database! Enjoy your stay!

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"So turn youself around to the Sun"
"The embodiment of everything bad on Earth"
"Good luck and see you on the other side!"

"So turn youself around to the Sun"

Demon Days: Celebrating its 19th anniversary!

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"The embodiment of everything bad on Earth"

Featured Character: The Boogieman

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"Good luck and see you on the other side!"

Featured Article: Murdoc's Operation Rejuvination

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"So turn youself around to the Sun"
"The embodiment of everything bad on Earth"
"Good luck and see you on the other side!"

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GORILLAZ MLS live at @LifeisBeautifulFest

MLS (Life is Beautiful Festival 2022)

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Recent News

  • Murdoc celebrates his 58th birthday.
  • Russel celebrates his 49th birthday.
  • 2-D celebrates his 46th birthday.
  • Demon Days celebrates its nineteenth release anniversary.
  • Humanz celebrates its seventh release anniversary.
  • Gorillaz celebrates its twenty-third release anniversary.

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