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Hello, and welcome to the Gorillaz Wiki! A community-maintained environment where you can find or share information about everything regarding the virtual band Gorillaz. Before editing, take note of the following:

We are happy to welcome you to our community and we hope you enjoy your stay!


Gorillaz Wiki
Gorillaz Wiki

Here, you will find the rules and guidelines which all users are expected to follow to ensure that the site is kept in order. If you are a new user, please make sure to read the rules before contributing to the Wiki in order to avoid any confusion.

The same rules apply to both the Gorillaz Wiki's FANDOM website, the Discussion boards and the Discord server.


  1. The following penalties shall be applied to the offending user when any of our policies are violated a respective number of times:
    • First offence: warning;
    • Second offence: 1-day ban;
    • Third offence: 1-week ban;
    • Fourth offence: 1-month ban;
    • Fifth offence: indefinite ban;
  2. In some cases, the offence may be so serious that warnings and lighter bans may be skipped, and the offending user may be given a heavier ban. Admins give bans at their discretion but always follow these ban guidelines.
  3. It should also be noted that, should the majority of an account's activity be nothing more than spam, advertising, or some other form of disruptive behaviour, admins reserve the right to give an infinite ban without warning as the account is clearly only here to be disruptive.

General Rules

  1. Per FANDOM's guidelines and the law of COPPAW, all users are required to be 13 or older before making an account. Anyone who is found to be under the age limit will be banned until they are of age.
  2. Always remember to be kind and respectful towards everyone, whether they are a user or not, including yourself.
  3. Do not insult, threaten or disrespect other users. No forms of harassment, bullying or demeaning behaviour will be tolerated (yes, even if it is directed to vandals or spammers).
  4. No excessive swearing. Racial slurs, hate speech or prejudice/discrimination of any kind, even if abbreviated, are strictly prohibited and will result in an instant ban.
  5. Do not doxW other users or individuals or reveal confidential personal information without their consent.
  6. Do not fight or argue with staff members when they ask you to stop doing something harmful or disruptive.
  7. Do not vandalize anything on the wiki. Vandalism will land you an instant permanent ban.
  8. Do not spam anywhere on the Wiki, including the Discussion boards, talk pages and message walls. This includes, but is not limited to; posting gibberish, random letters, comments that have nothing to do with the topic that is being commented on, chain messages, "copy pastas", and huge blocks of text.
  9. Do not post links leading to any dangerous, malicious or generally inappropriate websites, such as pornography or substance use.
  10. Do not flamebaitW (posting a provocative or offensive message intended to provoke an argument) or trollW. Responding to flamebait or trolling with harassment will result in a warning to both parties.
  11. No sockpuppetingW (creation and usage of different accounts to circumvent a ban, vandalize the Wiki or misbehave on the forums or the Discord server). Using alternate accounts to bypass blocks is not permitted, and will grant both accounts either a block or an extension of a previous one. You cannot create another account under any circumstance when you are blocked or banned.
  12. Do not reply to a message wall if the message is not to you directly. Only admins and mods can do that if they feel the need to.
  13. Non-admin users should not give warnings to other users. You are free to give friendly advice and tips to other users, but only administrators may give out warnings.
  14. Please refrain from mini-modding. If you see a user breaking the rules, message a member of the staff, and they will take care of the matter as soon as possible.
  15. Do not remove admin warnings and block messages from your message wall; such actions will extend your ban.
  16. Do not edit other users' profiles without their permission.
  17. This Wiki is not for role-playing. Please refrain from role-playing on the site or on articles.
  18. No AI-generated images or videos are allowed to be posted within the Wiki or the Discussion boards.

Discussion Board Rules

  1. On the Discussion board, create posts in the proper categories so that the discussions and threads can remain uncluttered and easy to follow for all users.
  2. Do not delete blog posts regularly because users or admins were unable to respond within a certain window of time. Doing so results in inaccurate recent Notifications as well as potential grounds for user account suspension.
  3. Do not share or discuss any type of sexually explicit topics or gore.
  4. Always keep threads and posts relevant to Gorillaz, its collaborators, associated projects or the Wiki at large.
  5. Do not start unnecessary fights or bring external conflicts to the Wiki.
  6. Do not advertise unrelated content.
  7. Do not create threads that solicit upvotes or use improper tags for posts.
  8. Do not abuse the report function to report posts that do not violate our rules.

Editing Rules

  1. Do not change the format or rename pages to your own preferences. Keep the original formatting.
  2. This Wiki is about factual and concrete information only. Always add sources and citations whenever you add any piece of information, and refrain from adding untrue information, fan fiction or original characters (OCs) to articles; these should be relegated to blog posts or the Discussion boards.
  3. Usage of foul or obscene language within articles (aside from lyric sheets or direct citations) are also prohibited and will too result in an instant ban.
  4. FarmingW for a larger edit count or to earn more points or badges is not allowed. It will also not increase your chances of becoming an admin.
  5. Please refrain from making multiple edits to the same article or multiple articles in one sitting. Such behaviour serves as grounds for potential warnings as well as temporary suspension of your user account.
  6. Do not make counterproductive edits or remove major changes being done on articles by the staff.
  7. No sherlocking! Do not edit a page to point out obvious details. If a detail seems very apparent, then chances are it is already present in its respective page.
  8. Read each article in its entirety before editing to make sure the information you are adding is not already there.
  9. Do try to be as accurate as possible when editing articles and always include sources for citations or external info.
  10. Do your best to use proper grammar. As Gorillaz is a British band, always try to use British English in writing. More information on the matter can be found on the Manual of Style.
  11. Do not make the articles redundant.
  12. Example: Creating an entire section for a song's music video when an article for the music video already exists (for this instance, specifically, create a paragraph giving a brief description of the music video, then link the user to the article dedicated to the music video itself).
  13. Do not add speculation and/or theories to articles, unless they are held in high regard within the community, in which case their unconfirmed nature should be specified.
  14. Do not create new articles without making sure one regarding the desired topic already exists.
  15. Do not create unnecessary/spam articles.
  16. If you want to theorize about the story, a character, or anything of the sort, create a blog instead.
  17. Do not add unnecessary categories to pages, including your profile, blog posts, etc.
  18. Covers or remixes are not allowed on the Wiki unless they are officially endorsed by the band themselves.
  19. When adding interview pages, be sure to include the month and year to the page name.

File Upload and Usage Rules

  1. Do not upload anything that is not going to be used in an article or your own personal user page.
  2. This includes fan art and other similar works.
  3. If you want to post fan art, you are allowed to share it in the Fan Art section of the Discussion Board.
  4. Make sure that when you name images, you do so correctly. For adding screenshots from videos in general, use the name of it with proper capitalisation and a number after, no spaces are needed for these (e.g. HumilityVideo18.png). Any other images that are uploaded are allowed to have spaces in the title for them to be easier to read and to have a descriptive title of what is in the image or where it came from. Please also use proper capitalisation for titles like this (e.g. Humanz Deluxe Cover Art.png).
  5. If you upload an image that has been mistitled, please consult an admin or content moderator and they shall rename it.
  6. When uploading more than one image to a page, please try to do so all at once. This helps keep the history of the page tidy and easy to navigate.
  7. Please make sure that when you upload an image, a video or a GIF, it is not already on the Wiki under a different filename. This helps prevent duplicate images. If you believe your image is of higher quality, please let an admin or image controller know before posting and they will decide which one will stay and which one will be deleted.
  8. Do not upload fan-made and/or edited images without permission from a member of staff or without appropriate context.
  9. Avoid uploading videos featuring watermarks or other similar features.
  10. Do not watermark images that you do not own (e.g. images from books, even if you were the one who took or scanned it).

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