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Haruka Kuroda is a Japanese-born English voice actress and guitarist who portrayed Noodle between 2000 and 2017.

Role in Gorillaz[]

Haruka Kuroda voiced all of Noodle's spoken dialogue since 2000 until 2017.

She also performed with the Live Band at Gorillaz LIVE tour dates, providing live character dialogue, backing vocals and additional guitar.

Her final appearance as Noodle was in an advertisement for a Jaguar partnership. She was replaced by actress Haruka Abe since the Phase Five Casio interview.


  • Kuroda also made a cameo appearance in Celebrity Takedown: Gorillaz: Charts of Darkness alongside Phil Cornwell as one of the nurses in the psychiatric facility where Damon and Jamie were held.
  • Kuroda appeared in the Gorillaz fancast Hallelujah Monkeyz, where she spoke in detail about her experience working with Gorillaz. According to her, she is not sure why she was suddenly replaced for her voice for Noodle, but has wished Abe Haruka luck in her future endeavors for voicing her.
  • Kuroda's performances of Noodle in the Phase One tour are commonly misattributed to Miho Hatori, who performed Noodle's vocals on the Gorillaz' debut album and G-Sides.