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Hey! Our Toys Have Arrived is a G-Bitez short from the Phase One: Celebrity Take Down compilation DVD.


The story starts in a room when the Gorillaz are looking at their new action figures created by an unknown person. 2-D commented that the action figures are useless and that his head doesn't wobble like his figure's. Then, Russel said that 2-D's head does wobbles like his figure's and shakes 2-D's neck. Murdoc, who is interested in 2-D & Russel's conversation, asks Russel to shake 2-D's neck again. 2-D, who is almost unconcious, coughs after being choked by Russel.



[Gorillaz looking glumly at new action figures]

2-D: These action figures are useless! My head doesn't wobble like that!

Russel: Yeah it does, D. Look!

[Grabs 2-D by the neck and shakes]

2-D: Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh!

Murdoc: Russ, Russ, do it again!

[Russel shakes 2-D again]

2-D: Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh!

Noodle: Hey!

[2-D looking dizzy and coughing]



Gorillaz - Hey! Our Toys Have Arrived


  • The title card could possibly be a parody of fast food adverts that promote toys with their kids meals.
  • This G-Bite (along with the others) was available for viewing in the Kong Studios cinema during Phase 2 (prior to the building falling into disrepair).
  • A poster resembling the character HIM from The Powerpuff Girls could be seen hanging on the wall.