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The iElectribe Gorillaz Edition is an app for iPad and other iOS devices developed by KorgW released in 2011, coinciding with the release of the band's fourth studio album The Fall, which allows users to create remixes using stems from the album and other Gorillaz songs and singles, such as Doncamatic.

It includes a total of 128 Gorillaz sounds on the synthesizer engine and 64 Gorillaz grooves, 32 which are ready-to-use pre-programmed patterns from The Fall to be mixed on the game, and 32 remixes and remix patterns created exclusively for the app, which were designed and developed by Stephen Sedgwick, co-producer of The Fall, as well as Gorillaz and Korg's own sound teams. The 32 remixes built-in from the app were later featured on the fan-made compilation album iSides.


Sound Engine[]

  • PCM Synthesizer; 128 PCM Samples; 8 parts x 16 types

Instrument Vocals (Parts)[]

  • 8 Total: 8 PCM synthesizer parts

Effect Section[]

  • Master Effect: Assignable per step/per part
  • 8 Effect Types: Short Delay, BPM Sync Delay, Grain Shifter, Reverb, Chorus/Flanger, Filter, Talking Modulator, Decimator

Sequencer Section[]

  • Patterns: 64 steps maximum per part (Motion Sequencing can memorize all knob motions in a pattern)
  • Tempo: 20 - 300 BPM (with Tap tempo and Swing function), Pattern-set function (iELECTRIBE has no “Song” function)

Pattern Memory[]

  • 160 Total: 32 preset patterns x 2 banks; 32 blank patterns x 3 banks


  • Virtual Valve Force Tube Modeling
  • Audio Export feature : Bounce Pattern, Real-Time Recording (16-Bit / 44.1 kHz Stereo WAV format)
  • Publish and share songs online with the SoundCloud music distribution site
  • Supports WIST (Wireless Sync-Start Technology)
  • Supports “AudioCopy” function
  • Supports performance and controls on an external USB-MIDI device (via the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit)

Update History[]


Release Date: 11 April 2011


  • Initial release


Release Date: 26 May 2011


  • The user's logged in status to SoundCloud was not retained. This bug has been fixed.
  • A few minor bugs have also been addressed, improving operational stability.


Release Date: 25 September 2011


  • The stability of the WIST (Wireless Sync-Start Technology) function has been improved. WIST makes it possible to wirelessly sync playback between Korg apps and also third-party WIST-compatible apps. For more details on the WIST-compatible apps, please visit the WIST page: http://www.korguser.net/wist/.
  • An issue was fixed where there was no connection to SoundCloud when tapping OK in the “Go to SoundCloud.com” dialog.
  • An issue was fixed when tapping the action icon after tapping "Export to…".
  • A few minor bugs have also been addressed, improving operational operational stability.


Release Date: 19 December 2012


  • Background Audio support allows to play other music apps.
  • iCloud data backup.
  • "Audiobus” enables audio streaming between iOS Musical Instrument Apps.
  • Virtual MIDI enables MIDI communication between iOS Musical Instrument Apps.
  • A few bugs have also been addressed, improving operational operational stability.


Release Date: 6 January 2013


  • Improved Virtual MIDI functionality with other music apps.


Release Date: 10 April 2013


  • Fixes a compatibility issue when using KORG Native Mode in iOS 6.
  • A few bugs have also been addressed, improving operational operational stability.


Release Date: 6 October 2014


  • iOS 9 and iOS 8 compatible.
  • Fixed crash during startup on iOS 8.
  • Bug fixes and improvements.


Release Date: 27 September 2017


  • Supported iOS 11.
  • Other improvements have been made to enhance stability.


Release Date: 25 September 2019


  • Now supports iOS13.
  • Other improvements and bug-fixes.


Release Date: 23 December 2019


  • Fixed a crash on iOS13 during certain operations.

Tutorial Videos[]

Two tutorial videos for the game were produced for the game, featuring 2-D presenting the app and its many functionalities. On the videos, he makes his own mix of the track Donca Matic.

Gameplay Video[]


  • The game costs U$19.99 on the App Store. A limited run of the first 10,000 units of the app for iPad were initially made available for purchase with the price of U$9.99 per units.