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Jump the Gut titlecard

The titlecard for Jump the Gut

"Jump the Gut" is a G-Bitez short from the "Phase One: Celebrity Take Down" compilation DVD. The video features 2-D attempting to jump over a sleeping Russel in a tricycle, while Noodle and Del place bets on whether he will make the jump or not.



Gorillaz - Jump The Gut

Jump the Gut



[A ramp has been set up next to Russel, who is sleeping in the road. 2-D is building up speed on his bike, preparing to jump over Russel]

[Noodle and Del are standing by the ramp, placing bets on whether or not 2-D will clear Russel's stomach with Noodle's Tricycle]

Del: When he let's go of that brake man, It's gonna be like Evel Knievel's stunt bike plowing through a whole platoon of two-inch plastic German ground troops.

Noodle (in Japanese): よっしゃ、一千から五百上げて…どうだーデル?
[Yossha, issen kara go-hyaku agete...dôdâ deru?]
(Ok Del, I’ll see your one thousand... and raise you five hundred.)

Del: Yeah, that's one bet you gonna lose. [Cut to Russel snoring, located 5-6 inches from the ramp. While sleeping, he scratches his crotch area.]

[2-D releases the brakes on the bike and goes pelting towards the ramp]

Del: He’s never gonna clear that gut! Russel's been taxi and catering all day and he becoming way overweight!

[2-D flies off the ramp, the scene freezes as we view the scene from several different angles]

[Noodle screams]

Del: Whoa!

[2-D lands directly on Russel's stomach, waking Russel up and crashing his bike as it bounces off Russel]

Russel: Oof!

Del: Whoooooooa!

[Del is sucked back into Russel, sending all his money flying. Noodle gleefully jumps to catch it]

[A very angry Russel stomps over to 2-D, who's lying on the ground, and grabs him by his collar]

Russel: If you keep doing this man, I’m gonna be jumping you next time you asleep and I don’t think neither of us go'n make it. You dig?

[a speech bubble containing fecal matter appears, implying that 2-D swore (possibly using the words "crap" or "shit"), but his mouth does not move]


  • Interestingly, the title card states that the Gorillaz Bite is #000475; however, only 8 G-Bites were released.