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Karl Vanden Bossche

Karl Vanden Bossche is a British drummer and percussionist. He's a member of the Gorillaz live band.

Role in Gorillaz

Karl Vanden Bossche first joined Gorillaz in 2005 for their live performances of Demon Days. He later returned for Humanz Tour and played electronic drums and percussion.

He also provided additional percussion on the track Hollywood from The Now Now.[1]

Musical Career

Karl can play drums, electronic drums, percussion, bongos, congas and timbales. He collaborated for numerous artists since 1991. He would then play live with Gorillaz Live in 2005 supplying percussion. His contributions live can be seen on the Demon Days Live at the Manchester Opera House DVD. He would later join Gorillaz one their Humanz Tour and has been playing with them since.