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Kevin Brian Bishop (b. June 18, 1980) is a British actor, voice actor, comedian and writer. He provides 2-D's speaking voice since 2017.

Role in Gorillaz[]

In 2017, Bishop became the current voice actor for 2-D, replacing[1] 2-D's original voice actor, Nelson De Freitas. The first instance where Bishop's voice has been used for 2-D was during the April 2017 Live Interview[2] with Telekom Electronic Beats. He has since largely voiced 2-D during Song Machine, Season One: Strange Timez for ads, radio episode, live, and interviews. He has also voiced him for Stuart Potcast during Phase 7.


In March of 2021, Bishop faced backlash from fans on Twitter after he made a controversial statement a month earlier regarding his disapproval of mask mandates, stating that it would be "better to be ill with COVID" than to have his 11 year old daughter wear a mask all day at school, despite it having already been proven to be safe and effective.[3] Around the same time, images of Bishop doing black face during his The Kevin Bishop Show days emerged online. In December of 2021, Bishop posted several antivax posts on Twitter and spread conspiracy theories regarding the Coronavirus pandemic, sparking outrage both from Gorillaz fans and many other users online. Bishop deleted his Twitter account shortly after and has refrained from posting any new Gorillaz material on his Instagram page since this incident. He has yet to make a statement on his controversies.[4] [5]


Bishop is best known for his roles as Jim Hawkins in Muppet Treasure Island, Stupid Brian in My Family, Sam Spalding in BBC's children's television drama, Grange Hill and Nigel Norman Fletcher in Porridge, and as the star of The Kevin Bishop Show, which he co-wrote with Lee Hupfield.


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