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Eric San, better known by his stage name Kid Koala (b. December 5, 1974) is a Canadian DJ, producer, composer and artist from Montreal, Quebec.

Role in Gorillaz

Koala was courted by Gorillaz producer Dan the Automator to add turntables and scratching to the record. He appears most prominently on the first half of the album.

He is responsible for a song which features Damon Albarn and is produced by Dan The Automator that is called Gorillaz Routine by fans.

Musical career

Eric San is best known for his contributions to Deltron 3030, Gorillaz, The Slew, Lovage, and Bullfrog. He has toured with other acts such as A Tribe Called Quest, The Beastie Boys, DJ Shadow, Radiohead, Arcade Fire, and more, as well as scored soundtracks for video games and movies.