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Kong Solar Studios is a mobile studio for Gorillaz. It, as the name suggests, is powered by solar energy and was provided to Gorillaz in collaboration with energy company E.ON. The studio is a trailer home and is powered by solar energy. The chassis is covered with art from Gorillaz and various other bands and artists. Additionally, the studio also includes the gates of the original Kong Studios.

In 2017, the studio was present at the Demon Dayz Festival and two nights during the Humanz Tour in Munich and Budapest. Guests could come visit and look around the Solar Studio during the day while the studio filled up on solar energy, then at night, up-and-coming local musicians came and recorded the EP A Solar Collaboration using the electricity that had been stored.

A sign outside the studio states:

On July 25th 2008, the original Kong Studios was burnt to the ground by Murdoc Niccals.

In 2017, it has been brought back to make music powered by the sun.

This unique studio will form new collaborations from renewable energy.

It’s a sun harvester by day and music maker by night.

The sun rises, the E.ON batteries power up.

The sun sets, the beats drop.