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Phase 1 Kong Studios Acess Tutorial: 

Before entering our site, please take the time to carefully read through this post in order to ensure that you are able to gain access to the site.

  1. Please make sure you're on a laptop/Pc as this cannot be accessed through phones or tablets.
  2. Please ensure that you are using the original Windows 7 internet explorer as this is the only known compatible browser, to find Internext explorer on your device head to your taskbar and search 'Internet Explorer'. Microsoft Edge, Chrome or any other browser will NOT work. A portable browser which still runs or supports the Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Shockwave, such as Basilisk Portable, can also be used.
  3. Please download the Adobe Shockwave plugin from the link below to enable the game on your Internet Explorer Browser: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HWEHT28L86WFKv1kUHjiIgaFd6jas-LZ/view
  4. Head to the site and enjoy! If there are any other issues, please message me through gorillazraritiezteam@gmail.com or @gorillazraritiez on Instagram.

Website List

  1. Enter Phase 1 Kong: http://phase1.zombiehiphop.heliohost.org
  2. Enter GR3G (Bowling): http://zombiehiphop.heliohost.org/_2003/gr3g/index2.html
  3. Enter Laika Come Home (Space Monkeyz FM): https://phase1.zombiehiphop.heliohost.org/laikacomehome/
  4. Portacabin: http://zombiehiphop.heliohost.org/_2003/gorillazroom.html
  5. Enter Phase 2 Kong: https://phase2.zombiehiphop.heliohost.org/
  6. Enter The Messageboard: http://bb.zombiehiphop.heliohost.org/

Gorillaz Kong Studios Redeveloped by Gorillaz Raritiez