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MEL (a.k.a MEL 9000) is the malicious main server in the back end of Kong Studios during Phase One and Phase Two.

MEL oversees all that happens at Kong Studios and has control over every technological aspect, including control of the air vents, which he has stated his thought about using to kill the band with a toxic gas.

MEL shows a great dislike, possibly hatred, toward every member of the band. He is seen and heard insulting them very often, including calling the entire band, and possibly the viewer, "A bunch of idiots".

MEL allegedly "quits" his job after witnessing Murdoc's semen-stained bed sheets.

He then returned for Phase Two, and was featured on the Slowboat To Hades DVD on the CD-Rom and most recently got revived on the Phase Two Kong Studios Tour made by Gorillaz Raritiez. [1]

After Murdoc burnt down Kong Studios to get insurance to move to somewhere else, Murdoc brought some belongings from Kong to Plastic Beach and MEL was used as a tea dispenser for the Engineer who was known for showing his bum crack and shutting down the power leaving Murdoc to be trapped in his secret bookcase room. 

According to a June 2020 interview with Murdoc and Jamie, MEL sank to the bottom of the ocean during the destruction of Plastic Beach. [1]


MEL phase 2.png

  • MEL's designed is based on HAL 9000, a similar character from the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. MEL's design consists of a black silhouette of a man with a gray lens and bright red light in the center. He speaks using scratchy text to speak, that of which glitches often, resulting in random spikes and dips in speech pattern.
  • MEL's logo was based on the logo of the computer manufacturing company, IBM.


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