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A picture taken from the Documentary

MTV Essentials: Gorillaz is a short 21 Minute documentary about Gorillaz through their First Album up to Demon Days that aired in 2006. It was directed by Mal Orr


The documentary featured co-creators Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett along with Murdoc narrating at different interludes. The documentary featured Damon and Jamie talking about how and why Gorillaz was made. It also was a nice update for fans for Phase Two of the band's career such as updating the audience on what Gorillaz was currently working on and what the future was for the project, which featured a funny line from Damon saying "I don't think we'll make another album'' which didn't happen as we got Plastic Beach 4 years later after the documentary.

The documentary also featured interviews with different artists from the Demon Days Live Shows, which updated from the Demon Days Live At The Manchester Opera House to Demon Days Live At The Apollo Theatre.



  • Murdoc's Clips featured where recycled from Gorillaz MTV Cribs, which aired almost a year prior
  • The documentary is often forgotten by fans and was only revived through tapings done at the time of its airing
  • The interview between Damon and Jamie was most likely featured sometime around the Demon Days Live At The Apollo theatre shows
  • Damon also gave word on why Blur guitarist Graham Coxon and him weren't on good terms as Jamie married his ex-girlfriend, who was already an old friend of Jamie's
  • Phil Cornwell was used for Murdoc's Lines
  • The interview between Damon and Jamie appeared to be filmed possibly after Bananaz had finished filming as director Ceri Levy mentioned he knew the documentary was over after Damon completed his cigarette trick after an unknown Demon Days Show at the Apollo theatre.