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This Machine Bite was posted on 29th January 2020.



The sound of people chatting can be heard in the background.

Murdoc: Who are all these people?

2D: These are my friends-

Murdoc: Yeah

2D: I actually met these guys in, um, Lidl in, uhh, in, uh, Shoreditch and, um, we had a fight over the last the last stollen. I said, "Look, let's just split the stollen." and we started chattin' about things and that. He said, "Oh, I-I-I'm in, in dis-dis band called-"

Sound effect cut's out the name of the band.

2D: And I said, "Oh, I'm in a band." and, "You wanna come out and hang out, do a little work with us?" and he was like, "Yeah man." Yeah, that's how it started really.

Russel muttering to the side: Man that's a terrible story.

Murdoc: And you just, brought him along? You don't know his background...

2D: I don't know his background no. No.

Russel: You-you know his foreground?

2D: I know his foreground, it's very clear. His foreground's very clear. His-his background is a bit hazy.