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This Machine Bite was posted on 9th September 2020.



Murdoc: Look, did anyone go through a transformative experience on the moon? I know I did. I was through a monolith, oh yeah, my portal! [crying] And when I got through the portal I thought I wasn't gonna make it.

2D: [worried] Oh no...

Murdoc: And I dived... I dived through and I ended up in Kong Studios. Mhhhhh...

2D: Ye. ...Maybe look for positivity... in things?

Murdoc: Oh no, never.

2D: –and you'll be taken on a positive path.

Murdoc: I don't do positive. 

Russel: Sa– Sau– Sausages in space?

Murdoc: Yeah. Some of them went into orbit, y'know, so the earth looked like Saturn.

Noodle: Sorry what are we talking about? I kind of tuned out.

Russel: He was cool, but he was kinda weird. 

Murdoc: Oh yeah.

Russel: Yeah. 

Murdoc: Well, we only work with weird, don't we? We don't work with 'normal'.

2D: Oh they're definitely weird afterwards.